Design Service

At Al Qimma, we are committed to delivering exceptional design services tailored to our clients’ needs. With expertise in architectural, structural, MEP, and interior design, we bring creativity and functionality together to create inspiring spaces. Our team of skilled professionals is dedicated to crafting designs that exceed expectations and enhance the built environment.

Architectural Design

Our architects specialize in translating our clients’ visions into visually stunning architectural designs. We prioritize aesthetics, functionality, and the seamless integration of the built environment with the surroundings. From concept development to detailed drawings, we bring ideas to life, ensuring that each design reflects the unique identity and purpose of the project.

Structural Design

Our structural engineers focus on creating safe and efficient structural systems. Through rigorous analysis and meticulous attention to detail, we design structures that meet the highest standards of integrity, durability, and compliance with building codes. Our expertise ensures that the foundations of our clients’ projects are strong and reliable.

MEP Design

Our MEP engineers optimize mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems to enhance building performance. We design HVAC systems for optimal comfort and energy efficiency, electrical systems that prioritize safety and efficiency, and plumbing systems that meet regulatory requirements. Our holistic approach ensures seamless integration with the architectural and structural components of the project.

Interior Design

Our interior designers are dedicated to creating captivating and functional interior spaces. By understanding our clients’ preferences and requirements, we develop designs that optimize space utilization, lighting, and materials. Our goal is to create inviting environments that reflect our clients’ individuality and enhance the user experience.


We offer diligent supervision services to ensure the successful execution of projects. Our experienced team closely monitors construction activities, conducts regular site inspections, and coordinates with contractors and subcontractors. We ensure that the construction adheres to the approved designs, quality standards, and timelines.

Authorities Approval

Navigating the complex process of obtaining authorities’ approvals can be challenging. We assist our clients in securing necessary permits and approvals from local authorities and regulatory bodies, including but not limited to DMT, ADM, ADCD, ADDC, ADSSC, HAAD, and DOT..