location: Abu Dhabi ICAD .
Area: 23000 sq m.

Scope of Work:
  • 1. Concept Design
  • 2. 3D Design
  • 3. Interior Design
  • 4. Estidama Design
  • 5. ITC Design
  • 6. MEP Design
  • 7. Obtaining Developer Approval - AD PORTS
  • 8. Securing Authorities’ Approvals
  • 9. Site Supervision and Works Oversight
  • 10. Project Completion and Handover

Project Overview: Tarsheed Factory

Description: The Tarsheed Factory project involves the construction of four main buildings, each serving a specific purpose:
1. Block A: Showrooms & Offices
This building will house showrooms for product displays and administrative offices.
2. Block B: Raw Material Storage
Dedicated to storing raw materials required for production.
3. Block C: Production and Manufacturing
The heart of the factory, where production processes take place.
4. Block D: Final Product Storage
Designed for storing finished products before distribution.

Additionally, the project includes the construction of four service buildings and two guard rooms to ensure efficient operations and security.