location: Abu Dhabi ICAD .
Area: 8000 sq m.

Scope of Work:
  • 1. Concept Design
  • 2. 3D Design
  • 3. Estidama Design
  • 4. ITC Design
  • 5. MEP Design
  • 6. Obtaining Developer Approval - AD PORTS
  • 7. Securing Authorities’ Approvals
  • 8. Site Supervision and Works Oversight
  • 9. Project Completion and Handover

Project Overview: Al Saif Graphics

Description: The Al Saif Graphics project involves the construction of four main buildings, each serving a specific purpose:
1. Block 1: Showrooms & Offices
This building will house showrooms for product displays and administrative offices.
2. Block 2: Material Storage
Dedicated to storing raw materials required for production.
3. Block 3: Production and Manufacturing
The heart of the factory, where production processes take place.
Additionally, the project includes the construction of four service buildings and two guard rooms to ensure efficient operations and security.